• Get termites out of your house …by Herb Nanotechnology

                 The Nanotechnology solution was extracted from more than fifteen sorts of herbs and plants like teakwood skin, desert cactus, zedoaria, eupatorium odoratum, castor oil etc . The product was endorsed safe and no danger by toxic control bureau industrial department.   This solution will kill termites slowly when we only spray the solution on the termite path in side or outside the building

              Terminate the whole nest termites system           

               After, spray the solution on the termite path both inside and outside the house or office. Termite workers will carry the wood which contained the solution to the nest. And the queen termite will eat the wood from the workers. The solution will destroy the digestion system of the queen. So the queen can not make the food for the workers. Without food, the whole nest will be eradicated within 7- 10 days.Service practice

  • Ant  , cockroach

    Service practice

                  -To spray herbal pesticide  around  inside  the building , in the area where bug’s activities are found , hiding places and  the drain in toilet. Also, the operate in restaurant and inside home  no danger. Hence, no need for removing stuff.

                    - To spray herbal pesticide  around the area outside  the building , garden and where ant nests on the tree to destroy the nest without giving any damages to trees or living animals or pets.

       The active of nano-herbal pesticides                                 

                      nano-herbal pesticides  will  stop propagation system and decreasing ant’s propagation. So the ants and cockroach  will slowly die within 7-10 days . Using Herbs-nanotechnology, you have to do it every three or four months.  

  • Others bug

          *   Rat / mice     

          * Mosquitoes



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